Parking Violation Stickers Notice Parking Violation Stickers


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Please identify professional sellers for Pop Resin. Tow Stickers for Car,Size:5.5X7.5 inch,Fluorescent,Pack of 50,Stickers are writable,using a pencil,pen or permanent marker.
Do Not Park Here Stickers for Cars,Strong Stickly,these violation stickers are hard to peal off before your towed time,it is required a scraper to properly remove the sticker after they are stuck onto the glass.
Parking tickets,Draw More Attention–These Fluorescent Green Parking Violation stickers are eye-catching to ensure that the message is emphasized and can’t be overlooked. These stickers are annoying for careless abusers and sweet justice for you. Sticking one of these Private Parking Area Warning stickers on a careless driver’s window or windshield will send a strong message. After having to remove one of these powerful stickers,a violator will be significantly less park in your private area.
They speak louder than words-Use them liberally on the cars that insist on parking in your parking lot illegally, after you put a few of these on the violators’ driver side windows, the trespassers will get the message
Note:Printed liner on the Violation Sticker can be used to mention Warning Issue Date,Time,also can mention Towed Date,Day and Time

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Parking Violation Stickers Notice Parking Violation Stickers