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heated socks

heated socks

Onedidy Heated Socks brings you great feelings in the cold winter!

Features :



Size: Fits US size 6-14 (One Size fit All)

Batteries: 2pcs 5000 mAh Li-Polymer Batteries

4 heating Levels:104℉-113℉-131℉-149℉

Working time: 3-8 hours. Continuous heating, giving you a warm winter!

Charging time: 4 hours. Electric Heated Socks hold the whole day warm and comfortable!

heated socks

heated socks

heated socks

heated socks

Premium Quality and Comfort: Made with thick, high-quality material, the socks are designed for maximum comfort and protection, allowing for warm and breathable movement. Let’s enjoy warm winter with others.

Whole Foot Coverage: The socks provide warmth to your entire toes, improving blood circulation, and are perfect for cold feet and stiff joints.

4 Heat Settings: The socks have an easy-to-use batteries with four heat settings.

One light signifies 25% power remaining.
Two lights indicate 50% power remaining.
Three lights shine brightly at 75% power.
Four lights beam at full 100% power.

heated socks

heated socks

How to Charge?

Fully charge the battery before first use,turn off the power switch while charging.

Remove Battery from Socks While Charging.

Charge your batteries with provided charger kit at room temperature.

Do not charge or use the socks when it’s wet

White Light Flashing While Charging.

Four White Light illuminate when Charging is Complete.

Press 2 seconds to power on and press again to adjust heating modes (there are four heating settings available.).

Battery Precautions:

It is forbidden to approach high-temperature, flammable or explosive objects.
Do not hit the battery with force, and do not disassemble or reassemble it.
If the battery is not used frequently it is recommended to recharge and activate it every 60 days.
Please charge fully before use. Batteries will reach top performance after 3-5 times fully charge cycles.

heated socks

heated socks

Washing Instructions:

The water temperature should not exceed 122°F.
Highly recommend hand wash. Socks must be put into the laundry bag when machine-washed.
The battery must be removed before washing, and the battery wire must be sorted and put back into the battery pocket. (Note: Battery can’t be washed).
Turn the power cord out and dry it naturally. Do not use a high-temperature iron or dry it at high temperatures.

Bring You Warmth in the Cold Winter

heated socks

heated socks

Heated socks are an ideal winter gift for family and friends to keep them warm while participating in outdoor activities!

If you have any questions, Onedidy heated socks would assist you within 24 hours.

🔥 【Soft Comfortable & Warm Heated Socks】:Onedidy heated socks are made of pure cotton material. Combined with ergonomic design. So it’s absorbent, breathable, quick-drying and elasticity. This rechargeable electric heated socks are designed for men and women, one size fit all, suitable for 6-14 Size. Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as skiing, fishing, hunting, cycling, hiking, running, shoveling snow, outdoor working, etc. The winter warm socks are your best choice!
🌞 【Safe Heating Covers Whole Foot】: Electric socks adopt the new generation of carbon fiber 3D heating technology can be heated quickly and fast heating in 10 seconds. which is scattered in the fabric and covers the whole toe area, blending in with the socks and almost not feeling its presence heated socks are heating uniform and temperature stability. The electric rechargeable heated socks which will stimulate your blood circulation, let your feet no longer be cold and stiff.
🌡️【4 Levels Temperature Controller】:The winter socks have 4 levels setting heat controller, you can easily adjust the comfortable temperature by short press the temperature setting button. There are Ultra high heat (65⁰C/149⁰F, 3 hours ,4 indicator lights on), high heat (55⁰C/131⁰F, 4 hours ,3 indicator lights on),medium heat (45⁰C/113⁰F, 6 hours,2 indicator lights on), and low heat (40⁰C/104⁰F, 8 hours 1 indicator lights on).
🔋 【Ultra Large Capacity Battery Design】: The Electric Heated Socks are equipped with 5000mAh rechargeable batteries, which has a charge, discharge, and short circuit prot! Heating Up to 3-8 Hours. Fully charge the both batteries before use. 4 white battery indicator lights come on when complete, about 4 hours. People who are bothered by poor circulation and freezing feet can count on these electric socks to keep them comfortable, healthy, and happy while they stay indoor or outdoor.
🥰 【Washable & Necessary for Winter】: This heated socks can be machine washed or hand washed. Just make sure to remove the battery before washing. When using machine washing, put socks in the laundry bag, and then put them in the washing machine. In addition, you must ensure that the socks are completely dry before heating them for use. Put the battery in the battery box on the sock, then turn on the button and you can start.(laundry bag included in the box of our heated socks).
🔥 【Ideal Gift in Winter & Perfect Christmas 】:The heated socks hold the whole day warm and comfortable, Electric heated socks are great Birthday,Halloween,Christmas,New Year Surprise gifts for your parents, lovers, and friends! If you have any questions, please contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.12-Month warranty for our heated socks!

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Heated Socks, Heated Socks for Women Men, 5000mAh Rechargeable Electric Heated