72 HRS MIL-SPEC Emergency Space Blankets Mylar Survival or Emergency Thermal


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✅【MIL-SPEC】This Mylar thermal protective space blanket meets the United States Military Standard ensuring you of the high quality and durability of the product.
✅【ESSENTIAL】Survival heat blankets are necessary for any outdoor venture. Throw it in your pack and keep one in your car for ensured peace of mind. In cases of emergencies, this multifunctional, insulating, weatherproof solar foil blanket not only provides considerable heat in extreme cold situations, but can also be used to build shelter protecting you and your family from the elements.
✅【DURABLE】Made of the heavy duty material, Mylar, an extremely tough thermal material designed by NASA that provides warmth throughout extreme conditions.
✅【REFLECTIVE 】This mylar solar rescue blanket has been proven to be reflective of up to 90% of your body heat providing guaranteed warmth when in emergency situations. With a reflective chrome finish, its mirrored surface can be used to signal for help.
✅【WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF】Provides warmth without being compromised by wind, rain, or dew. This multifaceted rescue foil blanket can be functional as an additional layer inside your shoes, gloves, or backpack to keep you and your belongings dry and warm.
✅【LIGHTWEIGHT & PACKABLE 】This blanket can be easily folded up and placed back in the resealable bag to be tucked into any corner of your camping / hiking pack, or bug out survival kit.
✅【REUSABLE 】Long-lasting product made of high-quality material that will consistently serve you in your adventures ahead. Silica gel included allowing for longer term storage.
✅【DIMENSIONS 】4.5 ft x 7.3 ft. Size: Extra-large, Adult full-body sized

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72 HRS MIL-SPEC Emergency Space Blankets Mylar Survival or Emergency Thermal